Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reboot - Part 2

Here we stand on the other side of our Reboot.  We did it, and I’m so proud of us!

For me, it turned out to be a lot easier than I expected.  Surprisingly so!  I expected to starve, and spend most of my time in the bathroom.  Neither of those was the case (although, I admit I spent more time than usual in the bathroom).  I expected long days, and to crave everything but what I was eating.  That didn’t happen either.  Interestingly, the only food I did slightly crave was cheese. 

The first couple of days were hard.  The Cowboy and Babe suffered bad headaches.  I’m chocking that up to the fact that they are both coffee drinkers (I am not) and they were having caffeine withdrawal. After that things got better, although Babe never did warm up to the taste of most of the juices. 

Part way through the reboot I made both Babe and The Cowboy have a bowl of chicken broth because they were getting a little droopy.  Babe is an active athlete and The Cowboy works long days, and I decided they needed a boost.  They both felt immediately better.  It’s good to remember, when doing a reboot, to bring your activity level down a notch or two.

One unexpected side effect was how fresh the house smelled.  In the middle of winter we walked into the house and it smelled like a garden, or freshly mown grass – which is actually what one of the green juices tasted like.    

We started the day with hot water and lemon.  Then it was a juice for breakfast. Later in the morning the requirement was 500 ml of coconut water - for the electrolytes.  This was the worst part of the reboot for me.  That coconut water is nasty!!  But I choked it down, and was amazingly and instantly energized.  That surprised me every single day. Babe liked the coconut water more than most of the juices. 
Another juice came for lunch – green, which included green apples, cucumbers, celery, and sixteen leaves of kale.  Yeah … you read that right.  16!!  We eventually cut that number down to about 10.  Our afternoon snack juice was always yummy.  Then came another green juice for supper and we ended the day with a “dessert” purple juice.  Those were delicious too.  The Cowboy says he always went to bed hungry.  I didn’t.

During the 10 days, we watched the sequel documentary to Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which is called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2.  (Go figure!)  This is the one to watch if you can only watch one of them.  Over the course of the show, Joe Cross meets up with many people who have taken his challenge to juice to better health.  The stories are amazing.  I highly recommend the documentary.

And all those groceries?  The case of green apples - gone.  The case of red apples is down by half.  The huge bag of carrots ... about half gone.  We replenished kale, cucumbers, spinach and lemons several times over.  Anybody want a bag of beets?

Babe’s Observations:
Motivation – weight loss
The Good – energy in the morning
The Bad – hungry in the evening, and the green juices sucked.
The Result – lost 8-1/2 pounds
Babe juiced for 8 days.

The Cowboy’s Observations:
Motivation – lose weight and get off medications
The Good – Juices were better than expected and felt better than expected
The Bad – evenings were hard, and couldn’t stop thinking about Cantonese Chow Mein
The Result – lost 16-1/2 pounds
The Cowboy plans to do a longer juicing session (under doctor’s monitoring) in order to get off all of his meds.

My Observations:
Motivation – along for the ride, and more energy
The Good – Felt really good, had more focus, lots of physical energy and brain power
The Bad – coconut water
The Result – The extra energy and general feeling of health and well-being was worth it all.  To be honest, I was sad to stop. 

Going Forward: 
The Cowboy and I plan to replace one meal a day with a juice.  Interestingly, we all find ourselves craving a carrot stick, or looking forward to eating a salad.  Never would have said that before. 

Thinking about doing a reboot?  Go for it!  I guarantee it will make a difference. Let me know how it goes.


  1. Oh, Joy! You have me curious, and tentatively interested. Working full time, though, makes me wonder if I could do it. What did you folk do if you attended a meeting where food was provided? Or did you? I LIKE food. I LIKE to have that little calorie distraction to look forward to. (Am I being too transparent? LOL) But it was only for 10 days, you say. I wonder if I could? I need to do something!

    I expect an update in a week, to know how you've managed the transition, pretty please. :)

    1. Bobbi, if you don't think you could do 10 days, why not try 5? If you seem to be able to handle it, add a day, and so on. There are no hard and fast rules for this.

      Yes, we did attend a couple of meetings where there was food ... and coffee, which was difficult for The Cowboy. He brought a travel mug with hot water and lemon, and sat as far away from the food as possible. Haha. At the one meeting, when I turned down the sweets and explained why, the hostess very kindly packaged up some of the dessert for me to freeze and have after our 10 days was over.

      And you've got it -- I will post "Transitions" in a week.