Friday, December 27, 2013


Recently I went into a well known ladies lingerie store looking for stocking stuffers for 3 grown daughters.  Yes, daughters.  I have never raised sons.  Which might explain my horror at seeing a young boy - maybe 5 years old - wandering...  No, more like scampering .... zig-zagging through the racks and displays of bras, negligees and, well ... undies.

Being the rather modest person I am, I found myself wondering, what responsible mother in her right mind would expose a young boy to these flashy displays and nearly nude mannikins?   Not to mention the bright posters!  What kind of message was this sending him?  What notions of women was he forming in that pliable mind?

Then I looked more closely at what he was doing as he scampered around.  Completely unaware of the products for sale, he was pulling the size-indicating labels off of the drawers that held the extra merchandise, and switching them around. 

Oh the industriousness of little boys.  For me, another reminder that perspective changes everything.

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