Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I wrote a poem yesterday.  Non-rhyming.  Straight out of my head.  In the moment.

Without editing, I immediately sent it to a friend because it was for her.

I suppose if I had taken the time - minutes, hours, days maybe, to think about it and edit - it might have sounded better.  It likely would have been a better poem, structurally speaking.  But I rather like the unedited version.  It came from what was in my heart at the moment.  It was sincere and filled with concern and love.

I love the unedited versions of life too:

* Candid photos.  I'm the person taking the behind the scenes pictures of the photographer taking the photo.  Or the scene immediately before or after "The Pose".  My favourite part of watching the Olympics, or any competition for that matter, is when we get to see the unedited reaction of the parents in the stands.

* The odd comment blurted out without thinking beforehand.  Sweetie (daughter #1) tells the story of how she was helping a blind lady with directions one day.  As she pointed the woman in the correct direction she said, "You can see the sign from here" which, of course, the blind woman could not.

To me these are REAL moments and I relish them.  Little scraps of joy in a world where so many so often put on masks before they step out their front doors for the day.

Of course there are definitely times when editing is necessary.  Still, I'm learning to step out my front door every day with the eager expectation of stumbling upon innocent unedited moments. 

And, I'm hoping my friend was encouraged by the poem I sent.  Even if it wasn't perfect.


  1. Where is the link to the poem!? :)

    1. Haha. As I said, it was meant for a certain person. Maybe someday I will post a poem meant for "the Public".

  2. I love this piece Joy - be brave and continue to send those 'unperfect' pieces many places.